What is stupa

What is stupa

There are three terms for Buddhist religious monuments in Myanmar depend on archeological point of view : stupa, temple and monastery. Stupa in Bagan Stupa – Zedi in Myanmar language…

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Amarapura Mahagandayone monastery

Mahagandayone monastery    Majority of Myanmar practice Buddhism. One of the traditions of giving religious inheritage from parents to sons is celebrating novitiation ceremony. After novitiation ceremony,  9 years old…

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Mingun Myatheindan temple

Myatheindan temple One of three attractions in Mingun is Myatheindan temple. Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon is amazing. Temples in Bagan are incredible too. White Myatheindan temple of Mingun is very…

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Mingun Phathodawgyi pagoda
Mingun Phahtodawgyi pagoda Myanmar

Mingun Phathodawgyi pagoda

Mingun Phathodawgyi pagoda Phathodawgyi paya Mingun Myanmar Approach to Mingun by boat walk along the river bank welcome by Mingun phathodawgyi which is look like huge red rock. It was…

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