Mingun Myatheindan temple

Myatheindan temple

One of three attractions in Mingun is Myatheindan temple. Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon is amazing. Temples in Bagan are incredible too. White Myatheindan temple of Mingun is very special. The temple was built in early 19th century by Bodawphaya. Unlike other pagodas, it has 7 terraces represent 7 mountain ranges and 7 rivers surrounding Mt.Meru. There are four stairs to go up, southern and western stair mainly used. It is very nice for photo shoot walking around the pagoda on every terrace.  When you get to the second wide terrace, enjoy the view around the temple. Few steps more will bring you to the top of Myatheindan temple. There are two sitting Buddha images at the central pillar of the temple in which most visitors offer flowers and incense.