Mrauk U

Mrauk U is ornament of Rakhine culture.  Rakhine (formerly Arakan) is one of the seven states in Myanmar situated western part of Myanmar.  Most of people are Rakhine there are also Chin, Daingnet, Mro and Khumi are inhibited. Rakhine offers some of the richest archaeological sites in South East Asia. While Bagan is considered as the City of Pagodas, Mrauk U is truly considered as the Fortress City in Myanmar. Mrauk U was the last capital of powerful Rakhine Kings between 1430 and 1785.  The old city is just 40 miles from Sittwe which is capital of Rakhine State.  Mrauk U can be reached from Yangon fly to Sittwe, from Sittwe can choose by water way or by road. If you choose water way, it may take (5-7 hours) depend on tide. If you choose by road it may take 3 hours. Can spend 3 nights at Mrauk U and on the way back to Yangon can stop one night at Sittwe. If you have short time, can go back to Yangon without stopping one night at Sittwe.