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Golden Triangle Area Golden Triangle Area is an area which is the border of Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos. In recent years, more and more areas have  been deemed safe for tourist. An interesting old colonial town Kyaing Tong  lies 456km from Taung gyi , 163km from  Tachileik opposite Mae Sai (Thailand),90km from Mong lar, a Chinese border town.Kyaing Tong was only opened to foreign visitors since 1993.There will be English speaking local guide who brings you to discover the costumes and tradition of minorities Khun, Wa, Lahu, Lisu, Palaung, Akhi, Akha, which populate the region since they migrated from Laos, and from Yunnan.Kyaing Tong is also known as for colorful tribes

Trek to Hill tribe villages around Kyaing Tong

There are several trek routes to visit tribal villages around Kyaing Tong.

Hokyin routes

Drive for 25 minutes to Panlay village. And leave the car and prepare to trek on High Mountain. It may take around 5 hours walking time and visit 4 Akha tribe villages.

Panoramic view and beauty of nature is amazing as Akha tribe villages are situated on the peak of two high mountains. It is not recommendable who have physical problem as it is not soft trek. After visiting tribe villages, short visit to Buddha park is recommendable for nice panoramic view.


Lwe Mue route / Loi Mwe route

Lwe Mwe means “misty mountain” is the British Hill station lies one hour drive from Kyaing Tong over 1600 meter above sea level. It is charming town still have several colonial buildings.

After visiting central market to buy some present for villagers and some fruits for your lunch drive to Lwe Mwe. Short stop at the view point.  On the slope of the mountain, Lahu Na village lies among the orange and tea leaves plantation.

Upon arrival to Loi Mwe, stroll around the village, Kanthaya lake and some decaying colonial buildings. Then drive to Wa tribe village called Naung cho. It is really peaceful village.  Then walk down to Akha village called Holan for one and half hours. It will give you real pleasure of walking in the wild forest.

Young Akha girls at the village do not keep tradition dress. There are several ladies with Akha traditional dress whose head wearing is the most beautiful. Then walk down to the main road in which the car is waiting.


Pintauk route

After 30 minutes drive from Kyaing Tong, gets to Lahu village called Pintauk. All trekkers leave their car at Pintauk village and trek to tribal villages around. There are several options that how many hours want to spend, how many hours want to trek and how many villages want to visit.

Lahu tribe village, Enn tribe villages and Akha tribe villages can be visit on Pintauk route. It is recommendable to bring food for lunch. Trekkers use to buy local food and fruits at the central market in Kyaing Tong.


Wan Pauk Shan tribe and Palaung Tribe village

Wan Pauk village is just 15 minutes drive from Kyaing Tong, several Shan villages will be passed on the way. The village was built at the base of High Mountain and gets many visitors as it can be reached by car from Kyaing Tong. Wan Pauk is Shan tribe village originally.

55-60 years ago due to unstable political situation and lack of food on High Mountain, Palaung Tribe moved to flat land (present Wan Pauk village) and work for Shan tribe.   As Palaung Tribe work hard, after several years owns houses and cultivated land. Plaung Tribes live on High Mountain and they are tea leaves cultivators.

Palaung tribes who live at Wanpauk village do not cultivate tea leaves as they are living on flat land. Even they change their product; they still keep their lovely traditional costume. They have several belts around their waist; silver belts are the most distinct. There is a narrow lane from Wan Pauk Palaung Tribe to Shan Tribe. Several families make Shan rice noodle and other local food to sell at the market.


Lahushi tribe – Kwen Tak village

It is hard trek route 3 and half hours up and 2 and half hours down. Due to hard trek very few visitors get to the village.  Trekkers who like walking on High Mountain, beauty of nature and who do not like touristic place should choose to visit Lahushi tribe village.

After driving 35 minutes from Kyaing Tong, gets to wa village called Kwen Kin and leave the car, start to trek. Lahushi village is on the peak of High Mountain, may take around 3 and half hours will pass two villages.

From the base of the mountain to the village, there is narrow lane just for paddler, some villagers use motorcycle to transport their product up and down. They haven’t enough flat land for cultivation and enough products for their living. Their traditional dress is white blouse and blue longyi.

Their distinct ornament is ear wearing and twisted bamboo rings around the neck. They all follow the decision of head of the village. 9 months a year they suffer from bad weather, heavy rain and very cold.



4 Days

Yangon or Mandalay or Heho to Kying Tong