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Extension to Chin State

Chin state is situated western part of Myanmar, border with India. It is not popular place for tourists like Shan State in where there is Inlay Lake. Chin state is beautiful place. In past time it was so difficult to arrive and visit as the road was so bad. Now it is possible to travel over Chin Mountain. Trip can start and end at Bagan

All Chin ladies used to decorate tattoo on their faces. There are different kinds of Chin who inhibited on Chin Mountain, depending on place where they live. If they are from Mindat area, called Mindat Chin. If they are from Matupi area, called  Matupi Chi. They also inhibited at Rakhine State along Lay Myo River. They are descendent of ancient Phyu group.

Past time, all Chin ladies used to decorate tattoo on their faces. It serves to distinguish a group of people in tribal societies. Kanpalet area, can see Chin ladies with 5 kinds of tattoo patterns. Some people say, they consider tattoos as a sign of Beauty. Some people say, past time when price came to visit Chin state, use to choose beautiful Chin ladies as his servants. He did not car she is married or not. Chin ladies were afraid and started to protect their beauty by doing tattoos on their face. There is no document to say why Chin ladies do tattoo on their faces. There is no document on different kinds of tattoo pattern. They use patterns and symbols related to nature and animals that they have seen their surrounding. They do tattoo not only on face but also on neck. Around 1962, government tried to stop doing tattoo on the face of Chin ladies. After years, forgot about order and they continue their tradition. Now a day, young generation, do not do it. Some villages we can see young ladies about 29, with tattoo.

Megalithic means ‘large stone’ and in general, the word is used to refer to any huge, human-built or assembled structure or collection of stones or boulders. Megalithic monuments are among the earliest and most permanent of archaeological structures. Peter Marc Roget categorized megalithic monuments as memorials, and that may very well indeed have been a primary function of these structures. But megaliths clearly had and have multiple meanings and multiple uses over the thousands of years that they have stood. Some of the the uses include elite burials, mass burials, meeting places, astronomical observatories, religious centers, temples, shrines, processional lanes, territory markers. Such kind of Stone Culture can be seen around Chin State.

2 nights 3 days soft trip to Chin State from Bagan

Day 1 : Bagan-Mindat

Morning breakfast at the hotel and drive to Mindat (about 6 hours). After short drive stop at Chauk local market for refreshment and visit authentic non touristic local maket. Proceed to Mindat. Upon arrival to Mindat visit to Chin villages near around. Overnight at Mindat.

Day 2 : Mindat - Kanpalet

Visit local vegetable market at Mindat and drive to Kanpalet. On the way visit to  3 Chin villages. Travelling over high mountains, rivers, forests and local tribe on the road side. Upon arrival to kanapalet check in at hotel and overnight at kanpalet.

Day 3 : kanpalet -Bagan

Visit Chin village around Kanpalet. About noon drive to Bagan.


3 Days

Chin State

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