Festivals in Myanmar

Festivals in Myanmar

                    We are fond of festivals or ceremonies which are usually held based on the culture or religion. All of them are celebrated traditionally and each festival has its special feature. Some festivals in Myanmar are worth to see and one can observe the real way of life of Myanmar.

Water festival

Date :  13th April to 16th April

Location  : Throughout the country

Water festival usually falls on 13th April and lasts for 4 or 5 days. We call Thingyan, is Myanmar New Year festival. The main feature of the festival is pouring water on anyone else during the festival. It means washing away inpurities of the old year and welcome to New Year.

Taung Byone Nat festival

Date : August

Location : Taungbyone village near Mandalay

Duration : 8 days

20km from Mandalay there is Taungbyone village. We celebrate Nat festival there. People from all over the country participate annual celebration held in Horner of Taungbyone Brothers.

Dummy Elephant Festival

Date : 14th waxing day of October

Location : Kyauk Se near Mandalay

The festival usually takes place between second and third week of October. Huge and light elephant figures are made of bamboo and colorful paper and dancers enter inside it and make exotic Elephant dance.Festival day it start 8:30 in the morning and finish in the evening.

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda festival

Date : October

Location : Inlay lake , Shan State

Duration : 18 days

Phaung daw Oo pagoda festival in Inlay lake in Shan State held in October. It is the most holy festival of all Shan celebrations. Four Buddha images of Phaung Daw Oo pagoda placed on Karaweik; Royal Barge and pulled by over 1000 of leg-rowers and make procession around the lake. The festival takes 18 days