Tazaungmone is 8th month of Myanmar calendar use to fall in November in the Gregorian calendar.29.11.20 is full moon of Tazaungmone and is public holiday in Myanmar. Tazaungdai festival also called festival of lights celebrate all over Myanmar. Almost all stars and planets can be seen in the sky on the night of full moon of Tazaungmone.

hot air balloon lit into the sky -tazaungdai festival

Hot air balloons are released into the sky during night time as an offering to all planets and devas.

Taunggyi Tazaungdai festival or Taungyi hot air balloon festival in Shan state is the most spectacular in Myanmar.

Hot Air Balloon Festival Myanmar
Hot Air Balloon Festival Myanmar

Robe-weaving competition use to celebrate at the famous pagoda compound in each region such as Mahamuni temple in Mandalay and Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon. The competition starts from the morning of pre full moon day and work nonstop as the work must finish before 4am of full moon day. Early morning of full moon day, offer robe to venerable pagoda.

Kathein procession

Myanmar Buddhists celebrate offering Kathein robe to the monastery individually or in group or by community. Some communities and some cities celebrate Kathein robe offering ceremony richly.

For good luck and good health, all Myanmar eat cassia bud salad on full moon day of Tazaungmone which is one of Myanmar old traditions.

Full moon of Tazaungmone is famous as a thief night. Young men use to move portable things outside of the houses to another places. It makes fun as the owners do not find their belongings outside of the house in the next morning. The owners use to give tip to those men who move and hide their belongings to replace as before.

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