Phaung Daw Oo pagoda is the most venerable Buddhist temple which is situated in the middle of Inlay Lake, Southern Shan State in Myanmar. It is the residence of five Buddha images. According to local belief King Alongsithu of Bagan dynasty made royal visit to Inlay lake and donated 5 Buddha images to local tribe on Inlay Lake. Due to several reasons 5 Buddha images were venerated in different places on lake. In the year 1960 the present temple was built for 5 Buddha images. Originally the temple was in the middle of the lake with long leg wooden building. Years by years made artificial island and changed to cement temple and richly gilded by real gold leaves. In the year 1965, was the first time Myanmar government celebrate annual pagoda festival for 18 days. 5 Buddha images were brought by golden boat and made procession to visit Intha tribe villages on the lake and on the lake shore.  First year the golden boat with 5 Buddha images sunk in the middle of the lake (the place there is pillar with himsar bird). Only 4 images were saved and all Intha back to the temple. They said there was fifth Buddha image was on the plinth.  They believed that fifth Buddha did not want to leave the temple empty and it was miracle of fifth Buddha. Nowaday, only 4 Buddha were celebrate procession of annual pagoda festival and the fifth stay at the temple.  3 days of annual pagoda festival: the day of opening ceremony, closing day and the day of procession to Nyaung Shwe  are more interesting as there is gara, intha dance, demonstration, musicians and performances. Other days, procession of the royal boat sailing in the lake with thousands of Intha tribe – leg rowers is very special.

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