Myanmar is well known as the land of the golden pagoda. Peace lovely people with their open hospitality smile and simplicity made their golden land. Majority of Myanmar practice Theravada Buddhism and teaching go Gautama Lord Buddha.

Myanmar has variety of festivals around the country for the whole year attribute to Buddhism like Kasone festival (Vesak), beginning of Buddhist Lent, Thadingyut festival of lights at the end of Buddhist Length etc….

Festival of Lights is celebrated on the full moon night of Thadingyut (September – October).  Myanmar Buddhist believed that during the life time of Gautama Lord Buddha went up to Thavareinsa to make sermon to his mother who was reincarnated as the deva in the heaven. After preaching he descended from the celestial abode of Thavareinsa to the earth, people all over the country light candles to welcome back.  Light festival is celebrated to welcome back our Lord Buddha to the earth.

 Festival of lights is celebrated throughout Myanmar for 2 nights: pre full moon night and full moon night.

At the altar of family, outside of the houses, public buildings are all illuminated with electric colorful lights. At pagoda compounds, some places use small earthen saucers filled with cooking oil and pieces of cotton are used as wicks, some places use small earthen saucers and candle. Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon, Mahamuni temple in Mandalay, Golden Rock at Mon state celebrate offering thousands of lights at pagoda compound by a group of friends, individual family or by community. Most couples, families go to nearest pagoda and offer candles light happily.

 During Thadingyut festival Myanmar do paying homage to elder people, teachers and  parents.

In the Buddhist Length Buddhist can’t do marriage.  After Thadingyut, couples happily celebrate marriage.

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