Yay Pyan Taung fall is one of the falls around Pyin Oo Lwin. The fall can be reached one hour drive to peak of the Ye Pyan Mountain by truck then have to trek one hour. All kinds of car can reach to Sin Kaung Lay Village. There are two options: start trek from Sin Kaung Lay village to the fall (almost 3 and half hours) and second option is hire the truck or motor bike at the Sin Kaung Lay village to the peak of the mountain.

Then walk down to the fall. Truck can reach to the peak of the mountain in dry season. It is seven steps fall. The more you go to the base of the mountain; you see the most beautiful fall. Some part of the route to the base of the fall is quite slippery and lots of mosquitoes as it is walking in the wild jungle.

The most important recommendation is visit to Ye Pyan fall with local guide. Upon arrival to the fall, due to the beauty of nature and beautiful fall, no more tiredness and your mind will be as fresh as the water from the fall. Spend an hour swimming at the fall. Then walk back to grape farm. The guide will choose different route. The return walking route will end to grape farm. The car can wait you at the grape farm. It may take around 2 hours. 

Walking stick, good walking shoes, mosquito’s repellant, swimming suite, tower, drinking water, some fruits and snack are recommendable items to bring when you visit to Ye Pyan Taung Fall.

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