Charming village Pindaya is situated one hour drive from Heho airport, one and half hour from Inlay Lake.  Pinday can be reach by road from Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Taungyi. Can reach by air to Heho and short drive to Pindaya. For beautiful landscape, colorful land with different crop cultivation on hilly region is its special attraction.

Pindaya Shan State Myanmar
Pindaya Shan State Myanmar

Pao tribe with their attractive costume – dark blue suite and colorful turban work in the field fills the beauty of colorful land. Huge zucchini plantation, ginger fields, sunflowers and sesame, potato, turmeric are main product of the region. Fertile red earth composed lot of iron helps mountain tribe for good harvest. Fresh weather, good temperature and wet land for high rain fall are great presents of nature for them.

Pao tribe – Shan State – Myanmar

Pao tribe bring their little baby in the basket and their animals to the fields and work for the whole day.  Some Pao villages still work for Myanmar cigar leave plantation. During harvest time they work for 24 hours at home. Every family has fire place for drying process.

inlay cigar leaves
cigar leaves

Every five days at Pidaya village, amazing Pinday cave, tea leave production, Shan paper and Shan umbrella production are attractions of Pindaya.

Pindaya is situated on High Mountain over 1300 meter above sea level and has many orange farms and tea leave cultivation. Farmers produce dry tea leaves to make Myanmar tea or Chinese tea and pickle tea leaves that Myanmar widely eats it in salad.


Some families work for Shan paper made of bark of the tree and use it for Shan umbrella, lamp and different products.

Pindaya cave is very special. Over 8000 Buddha images are in the huge lime stone cave. During Second World War, local villagers hide their venerable Buddha images in the cave from soldiers. For many years the cave was covered in the jungle and neglected. Pindaya cave become one of the attractions for all travelers after 1965.

pindaya cave

Pinday is nice place for travelers who like trekking on High Mountain for tribal tour. Depend on interest of trekkers can do day return trek, 1 night two days or 2 nights 3 days trek around Pindaya.

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