Beautiful Naga Hill is part of Arakan Yoma border of India and Myanmar.  The Naga Land gets high annual rainfall and naturally covered with virgin forest. Nagas are famous hunters and decent from Tibet – Myanmar ethnic. There are Nagas tribe in Assam and India. There are over 3 million Nagas, 2 millions of them are in Nagaland in India.

Naga New Year Dance

Naga tribe lives in Virgin Naga land in Myanmar peacefully. It is small population of over 100,000  Nagas live mostly in the northern part of Myanmar near India – Myanmar border. Their small villages are above 3000 – 4000 feet above sea level. They also live around Khantee, Lashee, Lahe and Nanyun in Sagaing division.

Nagas speak dialect that is part of Tibeto – Burman family, which is part of Sino – Tibetan group. There are many dialects as there are many groups in the Naga tribe.

They traditionally cultivate crops and variety of vegetables and hunt for meat.

Naga New Year

Originally Nagas are animist. After British arrival most Nagas became Christians. Even most of them are Baptist, they still keep their tradition. They traditionally believe in spirits, local deities and supernatural forces associated with live events. Pan is their traditional ceremonial house with ritual poles, and a big stone slab support by 3 or 4 pieces of stone they call stone table.

Naga Ladies

The Naga New Year festival is held on second week of January. The main idea of celebrating New Year is to enjoy the feast end of the year and welcome a better year of harvest. During New Year Festival, hundreds of Nagas gather to the place where there is festival with their distinct traditional dress and make amazing traditional dance. Each Naga tribe group has its own distinct style of dance. For hunting dance, dancers hold swords and spears and dance in a circle in an effort to drive away evil spirits. Now a day, Naga land is one of the famous tourist destinations in Myanmar

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