Myeik formally known as Mergui – the name was given by British is located southern Myanmar. Myeik is the largest city in Taninthayi Region was called “Beik” by local Myanmar. Myeik was ruled by Siam for several centuries. Myanmar King Alaungpaya  conquered Myeik in late 18th century.

There are over 800 islands around. The Mergui Archipelago was recently opened for marine tourism. Unique product of Myeik is pearls. Most Islands belongs to private owner for pearls farms. Edible birds’ nest is second famous product. Dried fish, dried prawn, fresh seafood are main products of Myeik.

Myeik can be reached by air from Yangon. It can be also reach by road after long hours drive.

Interesting places around Myeik

Ship dock Yard is one of the interesting places in which wooden boats in different sizes are built like in the old day.

Crab farms for soft shell crabs which is one of the important exports from Myeik.

Edible Birds’ nest farm

Fishermen village cashew nut workshop

Dome Island is one of the famous islands in Mergui Archipelago which is one and half hour drive by speed boat from Myeik. Visitors use to stop at Dome water fall for some refreshment. Local mokan, fishermen who live around come to Dome fall to collect sweet water.

Dome Nyaung Mine village is Mokan or sea gypsies and fishermen village

Smart Island and Angel Island are famous for its beautiful beaches for swimming and snorkeling in pristine water.

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