Mawlamyine is the capital of Mon State in Myanmar. Formerly known as Mawlamine. Mawlamyine was captured by British and served as their capital in the year 1276.  

Mawlamyine Seindone monastery

There are several interesting places around Mawlamyine.

Seindon monastery donated by the queen of King Mindon who was founder of Mandalay Palace is one of the tourist attractions of Mawlamyine. Seindon monastery shows the richest Myanmar wood curving of 19th century friendship between Myanmar and Italy as there are beautiful glass ware from Italy  decorated at the floor of inner shrine.

Mawlamyine Seindone monastery

Next to Seindon monastery there is stair to go up to peaceful Kyaikthalan pagoda, sunset time is the best for panorama over Mawlamyine city and Thanlwin River.

Mawlamyine Seindone monastery – beautiful murano glass ware Italy

Bilu Island just opposite bank of Thanlwin River. The Island is big , several villages such as  Ywalut village, Mudon village, Chaung Sone village, Taung Son village are recommendable to visit. Bilu Island can be reached by car from Mawlamyine easily after the government made the bridge. It was funny to visit villages on Bilu Island by small boat in past time. Each village has own specialties that gives the focal points to visit  

Winsein tawya, the largest reclining Buddha, Hpaauk tawya meditation center, Zin Kyaik fall, Death Railway museum at Thanphyuzayet,  Panga village, Ngwalabo pagoda are highlight to visit around Mawlamyine.

Boat trip between Mawlamyine and Hpa an is also one of the interesting options.

Drive towards Hpa an, Khayone cave, U Hna auk monastery Kayin villages can be visited.  

Mawlamyine lies 6 hours drive from Yangon should not miss stopping at Thahtone, Bago and Mon villages.

There is daily public bus between Yangon and Mawlamyine.

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