Loikaw is the capital of Kaya State and home town of padaung tribe – long neck lady.  Loikaw can be reach by air from Yangon. Can be reach by boat or by road from Inlay Lake, Mandalay and Bagan. It may take 8 – 9 hour drive by road from Mandalay.

loikaw -padaung tribe
loikaw -padaung tribe

Interests around Loikaw

Loikaw become one of the popular tourist attraction places in Myanmar. Tribal tourism is main interest of Loikaw. Tanilale village, group of Panpet villages, Htekho village, Dawdamagyi village and Lisu tribe villages are recommendable villages around Loikaw. Depend on duration of staying day at Loikaw travelers can choose where to visit.

Kayaw tribe – Loikaw – Myanmar

Taung Kwe Zedi

Taung Kwe Zedi is the places that all travelers made visit for nice panorama. It is recommendable to go up by lift and go down by stair.

Taung Gwe zedi – Loikaw – Myanmar

Old religious site in Loikaw – Flag staff – Sign of animism

Just few minutes drive outside of Loikaw there is a place for the collection of religious poles, white long pole decorated with piece of wood which is look like small canoe and umbrella in the top are symbolization for sun and the moon. Every year, at the day of Kayah New Year in April make one new pole for good luck, good health and peace.

Flag staff – ritual pole – Loikaw – Myanmar

 Htekho village – Kayaw tribe

Htekho is beautiful village of Kayaw tribe. It takes around 2 hours drive from Loikaw. Traveling in the virgin forest along the narrow road and pass through kaya, kayan tribe villages and approach to Htekho village is so exciting. For regional development, upon arrival to the village need to visit to the family of head of the village and inform about your arrival. 

Kayaw tribe – Loikaw – Myanmar

Kayaw tribe community warmly and happily welcome all visitors to their village. Ladies are most traditional conservator than men. Bronze rings around their calf, and neck are the most outstanding ornament. Their blouse is quite similar to Kayin blouse. They have big silver ear wearing as well. All kayaw tribe are farmer. 

Kayaw tribe – Loikaw – Myanmar

Group of 3 Kayan tribe villages –  Panpet group

45 minutes drive from Loikaw there is famous Panpet Kayan tribe – padaung tribe (ladies with long neck with bronze rings). The village can be reach by car direct as well as can do short trek from certain point.

Padaung tribe – Loikaw – Myanmar

Panpet is a group of 3 villages of Kayan tribe. Young generation of Kayan tribe do not wear bronze ring around neck. Some old ladies as well as middle age ladies still keep wearing bronze ring as their traditional ornament.

Padaung tribe – Loikaw – Myanmar

San bone village

San bone village (kayan tribe) is newly built as extension of Loikaw city when central government and regional army made friendship. Kayan families from remote area moved to this village after 1996. Yong Kayaw ladies do not wear bronze rings. Some old ladies still keep their traditional ornaments.

Lisu tribe – Loikaw – Myanmar

45 minutes drive from Loikaw there is beautiful Lisu village. Not far from Lisu village there is Htisekha fall which is one of the recommendable place for short visit.  

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