Kyaik Hti Yoe  pagoda – Golden Rock

Kyaik Hti Yoe pagoda is one of three important Buddhist places in Myanmar for Myanmar Buddhist.  Kyaik Hti Yoe  is situated in Mon State, 4 hours drive from Yangon. Kyaik means pagoda in Myanmar language, Hti Yoe means head of hermit. Kyaik Hti Yoe means The Pagoda which is look like Head of Hermit. The rock was gilded and called Golden Rock pagoda

According to local legand, Gautama Buddha visited to that area and gave hair relic to hermit. Hermit kept Buddha hair in his hair knot. Before his death, hermit said to the king to build a pagoda to enshrine Buddha hair relic. The king who was a son of father – alchemist and mother dragon, had supernatural power.

The king founded the huge rock beneath the sea which is look like the head of Hermit. The king placed the rock to present place and donated small pagoda on the top and enshrined Buddha hair relic inside the rock. Originally the rock was dark as volcano rock.

The pagoda was placed on the cliff of High Mountain. For several centuries the rock stopped on the cliff of the mountain. People said that there was a space between cliff of mountain and the rock.

At the present time there is very small place that touch base of the pagoda and cliff of mountain. Everybody believes that huge rock stands on cliff of mountain is because of power of Buddha hair relic.

Past time there was public transport (truck) from the base camp (Kinpun camp) to middle camp (Yathe taung). Then walk to pagoda for 45 minutes. Now there are two options to approach to pagoda from base camp.

Truck – public transport reach from Kinpun camp to top. Second option is from Kinpun camp to Yathe taung by truck, then get cable to the top. Golden Rock pagoda is just 10 minutes walk from cable station and truck station.

There are two hotels for overnight stay near pagoda those are expensive places. Hundred of local pilgrimage use to stay overnight at pagoda. There are local guest houses around pagoda platform. During festival, public holidays there are more local visitors. No visitors June to August as it rain a lot.

It is recommendable to visit pagoda one hour before sunset time and some minutes after sunset. After sunset pagoda and around was illuminated.

Admission fees for Golden Rock is 8000 kyats per person for foreign visitors.

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