Hpa an  

Hpa an is small pretty town in Kayin state. It is about 6 hours drive from Yangon on the bank of Thanlwin River. Hpa an is in flat land surrounded by unusual shape mountain and hill. There are several natural lime stone caves around. Hpa an became popular destination in Myanmar for local and foreign travelers from last 3 years.

What to see around Hpa an

Kyauk kalet pagoda

Just few miles outside of Hpa an there is very beautiful Kyauk kalet which is situated in the middle of the lake. Small temple is on the top of high unusual shape of rock. Panoramic view over cultivated land and lake is admirable.

Kawkun cave

Kawkun cave is just few minutes drive out next to Thanlwin Bridge. There are lots of monkeys around. The cave is the most attractive place for photographers as lighting inside the cave is so effective and collection of some Buddha images in different positions and bass relieves of small Buddha images on the ceiling and wall of lime stone cave.

Night market

Night market is one of the interesting place should do in Hpa-an, it will bring you to familiar local food and what local people like to eat.

If you are interested to have traditional Kayin costume which is not expensive can find it in Hpa an.

Bodhitataung which is very nice Buddha image forest lies at the base of Zwekabin Mountain.

Kanthaya lake

Kanthaya lake is land mark of Hpa-an. Having a walk on the bridge, breath fresh air from lake and scenery of reflection of Zwekabin mountain in the lake is the beauty of Hpa an.

Saddan cave

Saddan cave lies about half an hour drive from Hpa an. Walk trough Saddhan cave till the end will hard a bit as there is no pavement in the cave and let you walk barefoot. Upon arrival to other side – exit of the cave taking canoe and row back to car parking  passing in the cave, and rice paddle is special beauty of kayin state  and Hpa –an.

How to reach Hpa an

Hpa an can be reach by road from Yangon and Mandalay. There are daily public buses. Upon arrival to Hpa an can hire a car or tok tok to visit around. Most travelers reach to Hpa an by private car, their tour plan use to include Golden Rock and Mawlamyine. U Hna Auk Kayin village and monastery, KhaYone cave which is very important place for local Nat worship in Kayin state are between Hpa an and Mawlamyine.

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