Myanmar formerly known as Burma one of the countries in South East Asia border with India, China, Laos and Thailand. Majority of Myanmar are Buddhist. For religious and traditional belief Myanmar Buddhist built numerous religious building such as pagodas, temples and monasteries. Every region, every village celebrates annual pagoda festival.

Sagaing Daungma village

Big market (as trade fair now a day), zat pwe (traditional performance) and several food stalls are part of annual pagoda festival. Past time, Myanmar farmers do not use to make vacation trip, but pilgrimage trip to visit famous pagodas and annual pagoda festivals. Several years ago, Myanmar tourism started with pilgrimage tours to Myanmar.

toy festival Mandalay

Visiting to local villages, trekking to tribal villages on High Mountain, walking in the beautiful nature combine with cultural tourism make more interesting and colorful Myanmar tourism after 2010.

Community Based Tourism in Myanmar helps local and travelers to have good opportunity for cultural exchange and contribute to local community.

Yanapo pottery village Myanmar
Yanapo pottery village Myanmar

There are several CBT sites in Myanmar: Indawgyi Lake CBT , Loikaw CBT , Than Taung Gyi CBT, Sor Long Village CBT, Ta Suan village CBT, Pao Tribe CBT, Ywa Ngan CBT, SikKya Inn and Pin Sein Pin Village CBT, Sin Taung CBT, Lwenwe Phaya Taung Yay Seit Village CBT, Samkar village CBT, Lwal Pann Sone CBT, Sethe and Myitkangyi CBT, Banmauk CBT, Myaing CBT, Magyinken CBT, Htan Pin Gone CBT, San Hlan Village CBT, Donnyaungmhine Village CBT, Makyongalet CBT and Kyaik Tahlae CBT.

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